Buck Spring Trail near Meadowbrook Log Cabin

Buck Spring Trail

I’m not gonna put in every trail, but this is right by the trail to Mt. Pisgah and the Pisgah Inn. It is a really short trail that takes you to what is left of George Vanderbilt’s Hunting Lodge. There is nothing left but the roads and huge stone foundation and steps.

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Oklawaha Greenway Trail – Things to Do Near Meadowbrook Log Cabin

Oklawaha Greenway Trail

The Oklawaha Greenway Trail is really nearby. It is 3.25 miles long, from Berkeley Mills Park to Jackson Park. The path is 10 feet wide, plenty of room for walking or biking. There are benches and water fountains along the way. There are even three bicycle FixIt Stations. It begins at Balfour Rd. From the…

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Andy Cove Trail – Things to do near Meadowbrook Log Cabin

Andy Cove Trail

The Andy Cove Trail is one of our favorite trails. We always bring visitors here. The trail is right behind the Ranger Station. It is an easy trail, only .7 miles long. There are some interpretive signs along the way and a little bit of everything to look at. The trail runs along a boardwalk…

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Blue Ridge Parkway near Meadowbrook Log Cabin

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway begins in Virginia and ends at U.S. 441 near Cherokee in the in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It goes through Asheville and you can get on the Parkway in a lot of places around here. The closes entrance is only about fifteen minutes from the cabin. The speed limit is…

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