McFarlan Bakery – Things to do near Meadowbrook Log Cabin

As you walk around our historic downtown, take a break from the antique stores, galleries and shops to recharge at McFarlan Bakery.

McFarlan Bakery
309 N Main St,

You can smell the bread baking down the block. Duck in and have a cookie or a donut and bring a loaf of bread back to the cabin.

McFarlan Bakery has been a neighborhood institution here since the 1930s. In the 70s, any time we visited Hendersonville, we brought something home. It is an old-fashioned baked-from-scratch bakery with a little bit of everything.

Find out what a donut should really taste like. McFarlan is still using the same no gimmicks recipes. They make all kinds of cakes and pies. You can have a slice or take home the whole thing.

They have decorated cookies, turnovers, cream horns, bear claws, sticky buns and cinnamon buns, strudels, fritters, twirls, twists and donuts.

My favorite is the bread. They make white and wheat sourdough, French bread, butter bread, Swiss Milk Country White Bread, whole wheat, rye with and without seeds, pumpernickel rye, potato rolls, Parkerhouse rolls, Onion rolls (our favorite) and sesame sandwich rolls.

There is a day old rack, but not much makes it that long.

They have some items for people with special diets. Some things are seasonal, made with local ingredients.

McFarlan is next door to Mike’s on Main, across from Jane Asher Antiques, High Country Furniture, Hands On! Childrens’ Museum and Hannah Flanagan’s Pub.

I have been calling the bakery McFarlan’s Bakery all my life. I never noticed there was no apostrophe s until I was cropping the photo.