Needful Things Antique Mall – Shopping near Meadowbrook Log Cabin, Hendersonville, NC

Needful Things Antique Mall

Needful things has all kinds of things. There are lots of antiques, old furniture, locally hand-made furniture, fabric, collectibles… really everything. You can treat it like a museum, except you can touch things. And there are things I’ve never seen in a museum. Some things are consigned, but most is booths. People rent booth space…

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McFarlan Bakery – Things to do near Meadowbrook Log Cabin

McFarlan Bakery

As you walk around our historic downtown, take a break from the antique stores, galleries and shops to recharge at McFarlan Bakery. McFarlan Bakery 309 N Main St, Hendersonville You can smell the bread baking down the block. Duck in and have a cookie or a donut and bring a loaf of bread back to…

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